What is a QR-Code?

A Quick Response Code or QR-Code, is a 2 dimensional matrix barcode that can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters of information. So, their ability to hold more information and their ease of use makes them practical for marketing purposes.

Why use QR-Codes for Marketing?

Because consumers want immediate access to what is relevant and QR-Codes are being used to make that happen. Once the code is scanned you can now show the consumer a video, your website, a coupon, take them to your facebook, follow you on Twitter or link them to anything you
want in REAL TIME.

What is the cost?

Our solutons are only $49.95 a month. The service is a month to month with no minimum requirements.

Can I change the information behind my code without having to re-print my QR-Code?

YES, you can change the information behind your code as many times as you like, without EVER having to re-print your code. There is NEVER an extra charge. We recommend you change your code often to keep your ad's/promos fresh so the customers will continue to see what you
have to offer them.

What makes QR DataCenter different from other QR-Code marketing companies?

QR DataCenter is the ONLY company that offers real time updating to your codes without EVER having to reprint them. Plus we are the ONLY company that can track when, where, what time, and who (by email address) scanned the code.

Can I get my customers information after they have scanned the code?

Yes, there is an option to select if you would like to have the customer enter his/her email address before they see anything you are offering.

Does my code ever expire?

The only time your code will expire is when you close out your account. Until then your code is live 24/7.