"All I have to say is WOW! This is the best concept for our table tent marketing. We can actually change our specials/promos EVERYDAY without having to reprint our table tents. Our customers look forward to coming in and scanning the code on the table tent and seeing what we are going to give away that night. Instant gratification is great. It's a WIN/WIN for everyone. They get a FREE product and we get their email address. PRICELESS!"

- Eric, Director of Marketing, 2 George's Waterfront Grille and Two George's at The Cove

"We have been using QR DataCenter for the past 4 months, and I have to say, it has been EVERYTHING it says it is. My marketing team loves the fact that they can constantly update and change any promo they are doing. PLUS, it has made their life easier, knowing that if they ever uploaded a promo and it was wrong, they can go back at anytime and fix it without having to re-print, and it costs nothing to make the change. GREAT company, GREAT product!

- Mark, CEO/President, Multipet International

"LOVE IT! Sales have gone up, and my customers look forward to coming back more often so they can scan the code on the table tent and see what FREE items we are giving away, that night, NOT next time they visit. We have built our e-mail database faster than I ever could have imagined. We are using the codes with many different venues, and we are loving the fact that we can change the advertising piece at anytime of the day. I highly recommend this to ANY type of business, especially restaurants, its been a huge factor with our marketing campaigns, and you cant beat the price."

- Dan, Director of Marketing, Barnaby's of America, Restaurant

"Thank you QR DataCenter! The fact that I can track every scan, and know exactly when it was scanned helps me tremendously. I am already using 5 codes, and love the fact that I am never stuck on one promo. It's about time someone has figured out how do to this. I am saving THOUSANDS of dollars monthly by using QR DataCenter. Anyone not using them for their marketing is crazy."

- Dr. Martin Kotlar, Owner, Target Coding

"Great product, Great concept. Don't know how I lived without this. The fact that I can capture my customer's information before they see my promo, is priceless. Gathering my customers info, means more to me than anything."

- Lucille, Principal, Everyday Matters Mktg.